Thursday, October 26, 2006

This Is Getting Ugly

There was a time when my office was always orderly and presentable. There was a time when you could easily recognize the pieces of furniture tastefully arranged in the window-less room. There was a time when people could stop by and sit a spell and I would engage them in conversation in a professional but personable way. There was a time when I could sit in my office and think, "Yes, I am a responsible professional who can function like an adult in the real world."

That was a long time ago. (I think it lasted about a month after I started here). Now, I look at my office and am ashamed. What happened? I had turned over a new leaf but now...

Ok, in all honesty I have always been organizationally challenged. I have a tendency to let things build up. Couple that with an acute case of procrastination, and there is potential for serious health threats. My office was hanging on by a thread. Until a week ago, I could still find things and explain the clutter to my boss as my own personal organization technique. "I know where everything is," I would insist. Then I get the brilliant idea to have a fabric drive to make ugly quilts for the local homeless. Within 24 hours of coming up with this idea, my office was filled to the brim with donations of fabric.

Some people cannot see the forest for the trees. I could not see my desk for the papers. And now I cannot see the floor for the bulging garbage bags of scraps of fabric. At least I can still see the chair for my weary self.

I don't know who among you are religious, but please, if you are so inclined, add my office to your list of prayer intentions. It is a desperate situation.

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gem said...

Well, I would pray for you, but it's like the blind leading the blind. My office is out of control. But in all honestly, I need more cabinets like other normal people have who are department directors! At the end of the day, I say to myself, should I stay and clean my office or go work out. And go work out always wins.