Friday, December 08, 2006

Hey, Hermano

I am learning Spanish one phrase at a time. My goal is to learn a phrase per day. Lazy, no? I am not anticipating being fluent anytime soon. I'm cool with it.

So how does one pursue the Spanish language if one is jo? There are two avenues:

1) Stephanie, the Ecuadorian who lives with me, is wonderfully patient and kind and willing to teach me. Almost everyday, I will ask her to translate something into Spanish so that I can learn it and forcibly insert it into my day to day rhetoric. This technique ensures me that the phrases I am learning are ones that I would actually use on a day to day basis.

2) I am addicted to the local Spanish radio station. I listen to "Rumba! Ciento Cuatro Punto Cinco!" all the time. It is difficult to follow everything that they are saying as my vocabulary is very limited, but I love it anyway. And though the phrases I pick up from the DJs' banter and stations IDs are not nearly as applicable as those I learn from my live-in mentor, I still find plenty of oppurtunities to say them with all of the Latin bravado I can muster.

So here's what I have so far. See if you can tell which ones I learned from Steph and which I picked up from Rumba 104.5:

Mi piel está muy secca y mis labios están muy partidos.
My skin is very dry and my lips are very chapped.

Me puedes traer salsa de tomate, por favor.
Please bring me the ketchup.

Y muchos más!
And much more!

Santo Dios, es mucho dinero!
Good Lord, that's a lot of money!

Más musica, menos comerciales
More music, fewer commercials

Mucho gusto.
Pleased to meet you.

Señor Perro, para perros pequeños.
Mister Dog, for small yappy-type dogs.

Orgullo Latino!
Latin Pride!

There are so many more still to come! I am well on my way to being bilingual. Look out, world!


Mommy off the Record said...


Well, lemme see. I'm guessing you learned "More music, fewer commercials" from Steph. Am I right? LOL

Thanks for your comment over at my blog. I feel that I am soul sisters with anyone who loves the movie Clue so much that they have lines memorized! You rock, sista!

Anonymous said...

Very clever post. But you stumped me. I just can't guess which ones are from the radio and which are from Stephanie. Your post reminds me of a very funny story by David Sedaris, a Christmas letter in which the mother explains about her husband's Vietnamese love child, whose best English is lines from TV shows.

jo! said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Mommy-- thrilled to see you here! you can be sure I'll be a regular over at your place!

gem-- I love a woman who can find similarities in a DAvid Sedaris essay!

anuja said...


Saw ur page-link at l'esprit de l'escalier. So dropped by:)
Nice blog:)!

I d say ur spanish is great for starters:)! I am much more lazy... I got myself a huge Spanish learning CD collection, the last time i was in US and I havent learnt a word from it. Except probably 'muchos gracias'..hhehe:))

Best Regards,

Lotta said...

Excellent! Mucho Nacho!

Anonymous said...

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